Having got experience working in a group of a few architects at Studio1 in Smíchov and due to a huge desire to create everything what is beautiful and gives us feeling of a pleasant life, due to energy my work makes me feel and due to possibility to create something new every time, I founded the Absolut Design company in 2008.

I invited a team of people who I worked closely with in a course of creating this company. These people help me to materialize your visions and dreams of your homes. We create interiors without boundaries and limitations, full of freedom….focusing on perfection of realization and sense of detail.

I thank to all who have entrusted me their projects and opened doors of their homes and souls. I thank to my partners, suppliers and craftsmen without whom the opened doors would get closed soon. I thank to my closest ones for tolerance and respect of my work.

I thank to my friends for their wishfulness and to life which keeps me inspired…..